Welcome to Jafco Construction  

The company was established in 1981 and is operating now across the federation in various fields of civil engineering in the management and in the field, expatriate and experienced professionals work hard to fulfill your project.

We undertake all types of civil construction projects, particularly industrial, residential and public buildings.

Our customers trust our work which is limited to a specific time frame and budget, from vision to completion. Our goal is to work with each customer and create a functional facility that meets their goals. We are dedicated to quality, time and best result by customizing each unit or facility to the customers unique style and needs.

Jafco Construction is perfectly suited to build commercial facilities of any size or style. From offices, banks, stadiums, to luxurious apartments. Jafco has the skills and expertise to complete your project.

  Jafco is in the process of:

- Renovating the Intercontinental Bank of Africa

- Construction of Training Hall in Yola Adamawa State

- Rehabilitation of Feeder of 13 Roads